Divorces are stressful enough, don’t let your attorney's fees be another thing you need to worry about.

We sit down with you and outline all of the options and possibilities.

David J. Reed, understands how important it is to stay on budget – we will discuss yours and work with you to make sure you receive affordable representation that doesn’t cut corners.

Schedule to your free consult today; there’s no obligation and you will receive the information you need. No Charge.


David J. Reed, understands the stresses financial difficulties can cause. Don’t let your situation get out of control – contact us today to protect your rights and your property.

We represent those in need and make sure our bill doesn’t add to your financial issues.

We will protect you. You have rights and it shouldn’t be out of reach for you to defend your rights, especially when it comes to where you live.

Lewis, Pfanstiel & Reed, LLC , will meet with you. Your questions will be answers and your issues and options discussed.

Traffic/DUI/Criminal Charges

People make mistakes. This does not make you a criminal or a bad person. David J. Reed, treats each client with respect. We will sit down with you and listen to your side of the story.

Together we will look at each available option. Our office will make sure the police did not violate your constitutional rights and we will put together the most aggressive defense available.

Together we will look at each available option and make sure the police did not violate your constitutional rights.

With David J. Reed, you will receive representation that is always aggressive and always on your side.

Your fee will be explained to you and then outlined in your “services agreement,” with detail. Don’t risk your rights with an attorney who treats each client the same. – Your situation is different! Hire counsel who understands you!

We provide a Free, No Obligation, Attorney Consultation. Whatever you need answered, about the law, your options, our firm, we are here to help you. Contact us today !

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