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Custody / Support Modifications

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Felony/Misdemeanor Arrests Law

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Practice Areas

    Business Representation Nebraska

    The Law Office of David J. Reed, LLC has a special Attorney who form LLCs and sales contracts and represent some business with HR and labor laws. Please book an appointment here for the consultation.

    Custody / Support Modifications Lawyer Nebraska

    One of the challenges when spouses divorce is which parent will have custody of the children if there are kids involved in the dissolved marriage. Child custody is a very sensitive issue to handle under family law. The focus is on the spouses’ attorneys to convince to judge who should... Read more »

    Divorce Law Nebraska

    The Law Office of David J. Reed, LLC  understands divorces are unpredictable. Every couple’s divorce is unique, emotions often make dealing with divorce issues very difficult. We will handle the legal issues that concern you.  Our office provides the assistance of a competent and compassionate lawyer and paralegal assigned to your... Read more »

    DUI Law Nebraska

      Things to Consider in Hiring a DUI/DWI Lawyer Over 1.5 million drivers, on average are arrested due to driving under the influence of narcotics or alcohol. A DUI Arrest is a serious matter; The Law Office of David J. Reed, LLC understands what is at stake: 1st offense 1st offense... Read more »

    Felony/Misdemeanor Arrests Law Nebraska

      The Law Office of David J. Reed, LLC knows that we all make mistakes.  The severity of those mistakes can, at times, have criminal repercussions. We also know that THE STATE OF NEBRASKA CAN MAKE MISTAKES and when your freedom is at risk, YOU NEED REPRESENTATION. If you have... Read more »

    Personal Injury Nebraska

    Enough things in life take our time and attention and there is nothing quite as disruptive as being injured by another’s negligence. We live in a busy world which requires us all to balance many different obligations; who has the time or money to waste on paying hospital and doctor... Read more »

    Work Place Injuries Nebraska

    The Law Office of David J. Reed, LLC has a special Attorney who litigates on workplace injuries. Regardless of the occupation of a worker, he/she is at risk for an injury on the job at any time. The injury may be immediate, such as a truck driver getting involved in... Read more »

    Wills/Estates Lawyer Nebraska

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